Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Other actors who shouldn't touch musical instruments

From a comment by fellow Goldringer Art Ryel-Lindsey...

Unlike the adverts above, I did read your Blog, Dave.

Excellent review.

Don't forget Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis, Dan Akyroyd (sp?), John Goodman, and -- dare I unsanctify it -- John Belushi for actors-become-rockers.

Given the level of acting talent and fame among that list, does Leto really measure up, though? He's notable amongst the teen-magazine crowd, no doubt, but was he ever that well known of an actor, comparatively?

I don't think his level of fame is as relevant to the band's situation as the fact that a lot of the attention they attract is due to Leto's acting career. In that respect, I think it's fair to say that the band is as much an ooh-there's-an-actor-in-the-lineup band as any other.

It is an interesting point though; I think an example that doesn't measure up to that standard is Rilo Kiley, which has attracted a ton of attention by way of its musical strengths, while the former acting careers of two of the members serve as kind of an afterthought.

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